Swolesquatch Nation

Swolesquatch Apparel is for everyone- the 9 to 5ers getting in a 5 day split after a hard day's work, the single mom's managing to juggle a high intensity yoga session in-between soccer practice and making dinner, whether you're running a marathon or binge-watching a marathon of your favorite streaming TV show, we've got you covered. We're work out gear and hang out gear.

And we're looking for those of you passionate about being yourself and doing you in all you do to help spread the message of Swolesquatch to the world. And while they're are no requirements to wear our gear, we do ask that all of our ambassadors adhere to the following directions. 

  • Be active on either Facebook or Instagram (a presence on both is preferred)
  • Make sure your social media accounts are public so that other can see them
  • Have a minimum follower count of 500 (there are situations where this may be overlooked)
  • Own at least one Swolesquatch Apparel item

Each person we select as a brand ambassador will receive a personal discount on our apparel, as well as a discount code to share with your friends and family. We ask that your code be listed in your bio on your social media accounts. 

You will also be able to connect with other Swolesquatch ambassadors around the world and will have the opportunity to volunteer with us at future Swolesquatch events. 

Every ambassador is also expected to post a minimum of three brand-content (featuring our merchandise, logo, or branding, and does not include a repost or share from our own social media accounts) posts a month (can be on Facebook or Instagram). These posts must have the tag of @swolesquatchapparel and the hashtag #swolesquatchnation. We also ask that you do not tag us in unbranded posts (content not featuring our brand or entries for online giveaways or drawings). We also ask that the content in your posts show our branding or image of our apparel visibly and featured prominently. 

By accepting an ambassadorship with us, if one is offered, you also agree to the use of your content for advertising purposes in any means and medium we see fit. You also agree to only use the ambassador discount for you and you only- any abuse of the discount code will result in an immediate termination of our partnership. 

As a Swolesquatch brand ambassador, you are also allowed to promote other brands and operate as an ambassador for them (unless otherwise noted in our agreement), as long as you can meet the expectations outlined above. We also reserve the right to terminate our agreement without notice if we feel that you are not representing the brand adequately or if you fail to meet our expectations of you as an ambassador. 

There will be different tiers for our ambassadors, based upon follower count, social media influence, and brand involvement. We are not currently sponsoring athletes but we will have a specific level for Swolesquatch athletes in our tiered program, so please state if you are looking to represent our brand at that level.