About Swolesquatch

A little about us:

Steve and Bill met in 2018 became friends soon after that.

Finding out Steve Taylor was a Pro bodybuilder and Bill being a national competitor formed a good friendship.

In 2020 during the tough times to be in the gym we became training partners. We have been able to push each other to this day as workout partners.

As time went on, I would see Steve wear these shirts that had Swolesquatch on them. I would think that was a cool design and liked the brand. He told me he was an ambassador for them, and he also enjoyed the brand.

In 2023 we found out that the brand was up for sale, with no experience in the clothing world we had to think it over to make sure we could make this work.

In July 2023 we bought the company and now plan on bringing you the best in sportswear and a full line of supplements, workout plans, Nutritional plans and more to come so stay tuned.

The best is yet to come!