The Brave Collection- For First Responders, by First Responders

The Brave Collection- For First Responders, by First Responders

Before there was Swolesquatch, before there was my own personal fitness and wellness journey, before our arrival in the PNW- there was my career as a law enforcement officer. 16 years later and I am still employed in this sometimes stressful, but often rewarding line of work. 

In my tenure, I've met many amazing people and had the privilege of working along side those who I would consider true heroes. Unfortunately, the times we're living in have tested, not only these heroes, but the society we live in. Prejudice, injustice, and racism rear their ugly heads and the fabric of who we are as a civilization tears along the same old lines

- but for every abuse of power, there are still those who hold the line with honor, respect, and dignity. For every injustice, there are those who willingly lay their lives down in defense of justice. For every ugly media story, for every broken heart, there are the sometimes tender and uniquely inspiring stories of healing and outreach. 

To the true heroes, those brave souls who run headlong into danger, who never rest, who are always ready and never compromising in their honor and morals, this collection is for you.

-Owner / founder P. Smith

A portion of all sales from this collection will go to the First Responders Children's Foundation, which provides financial support to children who have lost a parent in the line of duty and families enduring significant financial hardship due to tragic circumstances.

For more on the First Responders Children's Foundation, visit