You walk into this world-renowned athletic store, ready to score a graphic tee that is guaranteed to turn some heads. You scour the racks a bit, and then you see it- the perfect tee- but wait, they have your size right?

Wrong. Like almost all of the top fitness brands out there, this particular line maxes out at a sad, wimpy, 2XL. Maybe you’ll be lucky and you’ll find a 3XL- but is it long enough? Does it look good on your frame?

Probably not. But, hey- that’s where we come in.

Swolesquatch was founded for those of us living life large and in charge. Nearly all of our designs are available up to 4XL, and in some cases, 5XL. We defy you to find those sizes in your average “barbell brands.” We believe that fitness belongs to everyone and everyone deserves to look good in their strength training or athletic pursuits, regardless of their size.

This is what it means to LIVE LEGENDARY. Don’t compromise. GET SHIT DONE.