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Living Large

We’ve all been there (except for you, the genetically gifted. Sit this one out). You find a tee that seems to say what’s on your mind, represents your unique personality, or just looks like something to scare your parents with (or kids, if you were awesome enough to grow up in the 80’s). Then you look through to the sizes only to find that the biggest size is 2XL. What gives? Are they only selling to Abercrombie models?

Whether you’re rocking the dad bod and hitting the WOD after a hard day’s work or you’re a freaking meat castle, you deserve to look good in a shirt that actually fits you. That’s where we come in.

Unlike those *other* guys, our super soft tees are also available in 3XL and  4XL sizes. Need something bigger? Feel free to shoot us an email and we’ll see if we can accommodate you. It’s time to be iconic and LIVE LEGENDARY. 


Ordering from Swolesquatch is like ordering from your own custom apparel store! Instead of mass produced items sitting on a shelf somewhere, our items are made just for YOU, on demand.

This means that some orders, depending on the item, can take approximately 21 business days to be fulfilled and shipped- so please be patient. Great things take time!